Sunshine State

We have plenty of sunshine. Welcome to the state that has beautiful beaches from Daytona to The Keys. Miami and Fort Lauderdale area are home to our Southern economy and the port to the South. Each year our state attracts millions of visitors that enjoy the attractions and unforgettable sunsets. Floridians keep our state moving by working in space programs, entertainment, hospitality, freight, farming (orange juice, sugar cane), and health care. We are surrounded by water on all three sides so whether you drive to Tampa on the Gulf Coast or Hollywood on the Atlantic side there is something spectacular for you and your family to see and enjoy. Florida, United we stand with America.

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| Tampa INT Airport offers Floridians and visitors resources on Miami and the surrounding areas. Find news articles, entertainment, nightlife, and places to dine. When it comes to culture Miami has excellent art, festivals, and Expos. Amazing hotel and lodging accommodations can be found on this site as well. Residential and commercial services are available as well. displays to the public many different options when it comes to Orlando. You can research about living in Orlando and or visiting the great city. Find things to do, where to dine, hotels and lodging, even events. Orlando has a lot to offer and we invite you to discover what this great city can do for you.

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The best selection when it comes to job openings, create a résumé and apply for jobs. Explore job search tips and get assistance with writing résumé and cover letters. This service can provide excellent work related help, negotiating salaries and evaluating job offers guidance. Occupational safety, apprenticeship programs, and training resources can also be found here.

  • Tampa

    This site offers local and regional information on Tampa, Florida. Find headlines, culture, art, and music. Research about city-wide services available to residential and commercial entities. You can alos find a Job Board.

  • Daytona Beach

    The official landing page for Daytona Beach, FL. This site offers residential and commercial services, things to do, where to stay, and government

  • Key West

    This is the perfect site to use when planning a vacation to Key West Florida. Explore what the city and state has to offer and plan your next great stay in Key West.Key West

  • FL DOT

    Dept. of Transportation offers drivers road conditions, live traffic news alerts, and resources that deal with everyday Florida travel.


  • City of Jacksonville

    Find entertainment, where to stay, what to do, and local events. The city of Jacksonville offers residents and tourists information on government, commercial , and residential services. Live, enjoy, be free!Jacksonville


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